Thursday, October 20, 2005

Sidebar Jazz...

Three quick things:

1. I really recommend my "Worth Your Read" right now. It was Mike Cope's blog entry from today. When I read it I was like, "yeah, that's true." I like strong Christians admitting to the importance and humanly state of doubt.

Another quick point on my "Worth Your Read"...if you DO check that from time to time, I'll have to admit, it hasn't changed a lot lately, partly because I've been busy, but honestly because I think a lot of other folks have been busy too, I am particular on what makes it to my "Worth Your Read"...HA!

2. Please go vote on my current poll I just posted on my side bar. This question was instigated by a conversation in my night class tonight. I thought about blogging about it, but then I don't know how many honest responses I would get, even if I asked for people to respond anonymously. It was an interesting conversation in my class tonight. So, go vote on the poll and be honest.

And finally...

3. Go post your location on my Guestmap. Just click on the Guestmap icon my sidebar (it's at the bottom of the sidebar) and let me know where you're reading from...I KNOW more of you are reading than I have posted on there....Heck, more of you comment on my post than I have posted on my guestmap, so it isn't like you are trying to not be known that you read my blog! ;)

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