Sunday, October 16, 2005

Some things will change…But some things will always be the same…

The changes began around about 9 AM on Friday morning when I was heading west on Interstate 20 and finally got to the 70 MPH zone, where the first rest area is, and I noticed the “never ending” 10-mile stretch of construction was FINALLY gone! No more! The construction that had become a location point of reference on the trip from Dallas and Abilene for more than a few years was finally gone! This change was good my friends! I was relieved to know I would be able to keep my cruise control in the “on” position. It wasn’t until I had almost reached Ranger hill that I realized that though change is constantly occurring and things will eventually change, that SOME things will always be the same. What will always be the same in this case is the presence of construction along Interstate 20 between Dallas and Abilene. Though that “old” stretch of construction has changed, the presence of construction is now an 8-mile stretch just east of Ranger hill.

Had that been the only case of change noted this weekend, I could have called this past weekend just like my times from 2000-2004 that I spent living in Abilene, but that for sure wasn’t the case. And while those four years were great and I wouldn’t change then in any form or fashion if I could, I wouldn’t change a thing about this weekend either. But things were different as I returned to Abilene for my second Homecoming season as an alumni…

Changes this weekend…
--I saw how I really am getting to be old.
--I saw how easily it is to lose contact with people.
--I saw and hugged friends this weekend that I had never hugged before.
--I saw friends who now have a man to stand beside them where in the past there was none.
--I saw stronger friendships due to the blogging communities.
--I saw friends who are no longer fellow students, but rather professionals.
--I saw people who I know have changed how they see me since they last time they saw me.
--I saw people who I have changed how I see them since the last time I saw them.

Things that will always be…
--I will always be an ACU alumnus, whether I graduated 2 years ago or 52 years ago.
--I will always be an En Fuego 46, whether I am the only En Fuego 46 at the Homecoming breakfast or not.
--I will always have GATA sisters.
--I will always have friends who are making new friends and keeping old friends.
--I will always be able to base friendships on the level of closeness I can get to an individual.
--I will always have individuals who where students during the same years at ACU that I was.
--I will always have opportunities to change myself in efforts of changing others’ views of me.
--I will always be able to reevaluate my thoughts on my friendships.

When changes seem so overwhelming and times begin to feel strained, it helps to think of situations that will always be, whether they are specific or more general. Whatever the case may be, it was obvious that this weekend’s Homecoming was different from years in the past, but I still was able to appreciate it for all the changes that it brought with it!

Though a change can be temporary,
Change its self is unavoidable…
And with that being the case,
It will always be…

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Katey said...

Since I wasn't there fill me in... who now has a man to stand beside them? Anyone I should know about? :) Glad you had fun, it was good to talk to y'all Fri night!