Sunday, October 09, 2005

Just SOME of the Rewards from my Internship...

I am supposed to be the one making a rewarding experience for the homeless clients I’ve been working with this semester, but last week I was the one being rewarded by the experience. Let me explain…

I am teaching a 9-week computer skills course to some of my homeless clients and last week was our review week for what they learned on Microsoft Word over the past three weeks, so to review the students had to write a formal letter to the instructor (that’s me…HA!) and tell her what they have enjoyed the most about the class thus far. Here are three examples of letters I got this past week from some of my computer class students:

It has been my distinctued, and distinguished pleasure, learning from, sharing with and sometimes teaching this most enjoyable class. Your skills as a teacher do not over shadow your ability to learn and respect the skills and shortcomings of your students. It has been a distiquintct pleasure and I hope to share many more intellectual endeavors with you and instructors of your caliber.
With warmest regrets & most sincere appreciations

Dear Kimberly,
Computers have become something of a necessity in the world we live in today. To have the opportunity to learn about them without cost is a blessing. To have an instructor with patience, kindness, and such knowledge makes this a double blessing. Thank you for your time in teaching me. My learning has already been very useful in other areas. The more I learn the more useful it will become.

Dear Madam:
I have longed to learn something about computers, so when the social worker offered this opportunity I could not pass it up. I am happy to try and fail and learn all I can at this time. I suppose what I like most is the fact that the teacher makes our mistakes fun.

I have a BLAST teaching my two classes, as well as one private lesson to a handicapped individual who can’t get upstairs to the computer lab for the regular class. Anyways, that second letter is actually from one of my favorite clients out of the whole internship! That client is schizophrenic and SOOOO brilliant! Her intelligence just blows me away! I often find myself in complete awe just listening to her.

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