Sunday, October 09, 2005

Oprah—A Child Molester’s Worst Enemy!

I didn’t really watch Oprah until about the second or third week into her season last year. It was after I had heard about her opening show of that 19th season for her, when she gave away the tons of free cars that I was like, “Whoa, I’m missing out on someone with a big heart here!” So I became hooked! [What can I say, I’m a sucker for someone with a big heart!]

So I went last season having watched I think 95% of the season’s shows. Those that I couldn’t watch when they aired, because I had other plans, I would record and watch at other times. While I’ll be the first to admit that occasionally I don’t agree with her on some things, I do think her show does a superb job of exposing people to things that they might not other wise know are going on. I love how her shows are normally centered on topics, rather than always simply having celebrities come on. I could care less about the celebrities in most cases, which was exactly why I was bummed to hear about the season opener for her 20th season this fall.

I remember thinking all summer long how I couldn’t wait to see how she would begin her 20th season! Let’s face it, how do you out do giving away all those free cars!?!? So when I found out the season opener was going to be a show on Jennifer Aniston, I was like, “you’ve GOT to be kidding me!?!?” I’m sorry, but the Brad and Jennifer break-up is old news, and not only that, but I could honestly careless about it. So, due to that season opener disappointment, I didn’t watch or record a single episode the first or second weeks of the new season (plus I was really busy too…HA!)

So when the third week rolled around I decided to check out her website to see if there were going to be any shows worth taping. I decided two of the shows that week would be worth a recording, and boy was I glad I got that October 4th showing!

Oprah’s October 4th episode was a show on Child Predators. She had the father of Shasta on (the little girl that this year was found living in the woods with her child molester, and eventually was gotten back once the molester took her in town to a Denny’s and was caught). She also had another gentleman on who was the father of a little girl who was kidnapped, raped, and buried alive by her child molester. It was a touching episode.

Oprah started off the show with a dialogue about how she was fed up with child molestation and child predators going into homes and kidnapping kids and brutally raping and killing kids all over America. She then mentioned how she wasn’t going to just sit around and let this continue to go on. She then said how this season she is going to post each Friday on her website the profiles of more and more child molesters who are out on the loose that need to be caught. She said that for anybody who gives tips toward the capture of any of the molesters she has posted on her website she will give $100,000 to them.

So throughout the show she stopped and did short segments on eight high-profile child molesters that have been on the run from police. Many of whom have been on the run for quite some time. One of the faces was actually of a gentleman I had seen listed on the FBI Most Wanted List for QUITE some time (what? I can’t help it I like to check the FBI Most Wanted List from time to time…HA!) I thought it was cool that she was putting forth this effort, but I wasn’t getting my hopes up; I mean let’s face it, it isn’t like the FBI and cops haven’t been looking for these guys all along. What is Oprah and her show really going to do?!?!


It was the caption I saw on her website when I visited it on Friday. I couldn’t believe my eyes! On October 5th, one of the gentlemen Oprah had posted his profile on her show was caught in Belize (that’s the VERY next day after showing it!) Not only that, but on October 6th, another one of the profiled men was caught! Are you kiddin’ me!?!?

I’m sorry, but I found that just so unbelievable! Talk about the power of one woman! She was able to reach so many people that she out did the police if you ask me! Now if you don’t think Oprah’s show is watched my millions, you’re only kidding yourself!

Now, with this GREAT breaking news, this Tuesday’s Oprah episode is going to be the follow-up show to the original Child Predators show. She is going to cover the news of the two captures! I can’t tell you how much I am anticipating this show (already got the VCR set to record…HA!) I TOTALLY recommend everyone trying to watch this Tuesday’s episode (record it if you are busy during your local airing time).

So maybe Oprah didn’t start off her 20th season with a season premiere that blew me away, but after this Child Predator episode and the captures of two highly dangerous men that it lead too, I can honestly say her 20th season is where it belongs! Once again, among my favorite shows on television!

Note: Though it was a GREAT episode on October 4th, I still think there was this one segment during it where Oprah got on a soapbox and it was so weird because as I watched her it SOOO just hit me that I felt like she was saying what she was saying as a publicity stunt that totally seemed like a rant a politician would do trying to run for office! Maybe she really IS considering running for president after all. Stopping a show after 20 seasons sounds like a nice mark to stop at for me! ;)

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