Sunday, October 02, 2005

Survey from Linds

10 years ago I was:
--13 years old...dang, like I can really remember that far back!
--Living in St. Louis
--In the 8th grade
--Probably anxiously anticipating the beginning of basketball season
--Not allowed to wear my hat in school, so I had to keep it in my locker….sad day.

5 years ago I was:
--18 years old
--In my first semester of college
--Playing my first intramural sport—Flag Football!
--Majoring in the BEST subject area EVER--Psychology
--Making friendships that would last a lifetime!

1 year ago I was:
--22 years old
--In my first semester of graduate school
--Hating social work
--Enjoying my first few months of having my first car
--Missing my friends I had left behind at ACU

Yesterday I:
--Went to a birthday party for a 59 year old gentleman
--Went to my 6 year old cousin’s first ever t-ball game
--Watched one of my favorite movies, Life as a House, and took notes on it so I could write a paper over it
--Wrote a blog
--Had a late night discussion via AIM with JWalk about religion

5 things I would do with $10 million:
--Get a place of my own to live in
--Pay off my college loans
--Get my parents a new place to live, get them each a new car, and get my sister a car
--Pay back my uncle and aunt for letting me live with them
--Give to the Charles Trevathan scholarship fund at ACU

5 places I would run away to:
--(basically any friend’s place) Laura’s
--I suppose maybe my older brother's, but he has been living in Ennis for over a year now and I’ve still yet to go out there and see where he is at…HA!

5 things I would never wear:
--A bra on the outside of my shirt (oh wait…already did that in a talent show)
--PJs to school (oh wait….already did that one too)
--A necktie (oh wait…did that at ACU)
--a Rolex…WAY TOO much to spend on a watch in my opinion
--a KKK hood

5 favorite TV shows:
--American Idol
--Fear Factor
--Rams football

5 bad habits:
--Not doing my readings for classes
--Staying up later than I probably should
--Speeding on Hwy. 183/121 (I SWEAR that is the ONLY highway I FLY on…it is like EVERYONE does, so you don’t realize it)
--Staying up late to blog or chat on AIM

5 biggest joys:
--Being with friends
--Feeling loved
--Writing a good blog
--Having completed a big paper for a class
--Being complimented

5 fictional characters I would date:
--Dr. Gregory House on the television show “House”
--Dr. Foreman on the television show “House”
--George (John Travolta’s character) off the movie Phenomenon
--Matt Damon’s character on Good Will Hunting
--I just like brilliant men….give me a brilliant guy! ;)

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Ellison said...

I'm completely honored that you would run away to my house. I'm almost moved to tears! Wow. Words can't describe how proud I am.