Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween Picture!

See...I even had a thing for goatees back then! ;)

Note: Yes, that is a picture of me (as well as my older brother) that I just posted on my blog. I normally choose not to post pictures of myself on my blog, but I figure in this case, there is no way so crazed client could identify me from that picture. Let's be for real....though I might still be that tall and wear guy's clothing, I've shaved my goatee and I don't look that cute anymore!

I would honestly LOVE to see those missing person's people try to age me about 20 years from that picture to see if they would even get CLOSE to what I look like today! HA!

By the way, that is a picture of me from I'm not exactly sure when, on a Halloween night (contrary to popular belief, I don't normally dress up and grow-out my goatee for the heck of it all the time!) ;)

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