Monday, April 11, 2005

Tee hee hee!

This is really random, but it had me laughing pretty good earlier today, so I had to share it. This is why you don’t want to be a “random” person instant messaging me because I can be a real “smartass” as he said, yet in my opinion…REALLY fun to talk too! ;)

The dude: hi
Me: hello
The dude: asl?
Me: who is this
The dude: my name is jeff
The dude: your name was on my buddy list
The dude: i don't know if i know you or not
Me: i doubt it
Me: i don't think i know you
The dude: asl?
Me: 16/f/Florida
Me: you
The dude: 21 m tx
Me: oh yeah...what part of tx
The dude: dallas
Me: do you go to school in dallas
The dude: no, i work
Me: hmmm.....i wonder how you got my screenname
The dude: i was wondering how you got on my buddy list
The dude: i have no idea
The dude: this was the first time i've ever seen your sn or anything similar
Me: hmm
Me: weird
The dude: it is
Me: you REALLY know me and you're just messin' with me ;-)
The dude: nope
The dude: i have no clue who you are
Me: so what do you do in dallas
Me: do you work with that why that is part of your screenname
The dude: i'm in the army
Me: oh okay
The dude: i train national guard soldiers
Me: oh...well that's cool
Me: well i'm really not a 16 year old from florida ;-)
Me: i thought you were someone that knew me so i was just joking to see what you'd say
The dude: ok
The dude: so, how old are you?
Me: i'm actually in the DFW area too....and i'm 23
The dude: what do you do?
The dude: school? work?
Me: graduate school and work
The dude: cool
The dude: what do you look like?
Me: well let's see.....
Me: if i tell you something....what's the chances i'm telling the truth ;-)
The dude: lol
The dude: true
Me: well.....i was actually born with a tail as a child....but my parents got that removed because they feared i would face discrimination
The dude: ok
The dude: are you a male or female?
Me: female
The dude: what race?
Me: well i normally always came in second to last
The dude: lol
Me: but my parents always taught me that where you came in in line wasn't as important as finishing
The dude: ok smartass
Me: lol
The dude: got any pics?
Me: of me before or after the tail was removed
The dude: after
Me: then no
Me: had you said before...that would have been a different story ;-)
Me: i'm afraid to send you my picture because i fear if you are like me, you'll fall head over heels in love immediately and i would hate to do that to you
The dude: put your money where your mouth is
Me: ?
The dude: let's see your picture
Me: i just can't do tail is such a turn-on to folks ;-)
The dude: lol
Me: do you have a pic
The dude: yeah
The dude: hold on
Me: do you have a tail?
The dude: nope
Me: dang.....i find guys with a tail REALLY attractive ;-)
Me: like they say in psychology...we are attracted to our own kind


Jennifer said...

Oh Kim. You crack me up. Hey, what are you and Holly doing this weekend?? Not that you're doing the same thing necessarily, but do y'all have plans? We need to hang out!

Anonymous said...

I can post, it's a miracle!!!!!

Hehehe. You crack me up! I love how random and original you are...good luck on your paper.