Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Oh my gosh! I'm SOOOO overwhelmed (with blog ideas, that is) right now!!

You wouldn't believe the number of sticky-notes and scratch paper scattered around my computer here that have "blog ideas" listed on them! That's my problem! I LOVE to think things out and the only thing I probably like better than that is sharing my thoughts on things with others! HA! Especially in the blog fashion where it is optional to be read. This way use don't have to read unless you're interested yourself!

Unfortunately I get ALL excited about blogging EACH and EVERY night (seriously) then something either comes up, or I know I don't have the time left in my night that is needed to yield the type of blog I know a LOT of these ideas need to be produced in. Sooo...since I fear I'm unable to produce any of these blogs tonight because of time restrictions (I TRY to make my bedtime on weeknights at midnight), I'm going to list the ideas I have for blogging soon (this is sort of a way for me to promise I'll blog on them, because I'm a woman that does her BEST to keep her word):
  • saying "I Love You"
  • hugs
  • the topic of human exorcism (sp?) which was covered on a Dateline special tonight...WHOA..seriously, that was VERY interesting and TOTALLY sparked some thoughts for me (just a preview, I don't believe in it!)
  • my views on going out and getting drunk
  • "I'd dedicate my first book too..."
  • comment on the "Five Friends Every Woman Should Have" article in May's issue of "O" magazine (that's Oprah's magazine)

and the one I've REALLY been wanting to do the last few nights, but haven't been able to because I fear this one will be long because much explanation will be required is...

  • Living a satisfying life without religion

Gosh, I'm really excited about getting those particular thoughts onto paper (as I know I have some readers who are curious to hear them). So I really hope to get to that one soon...sorry it has just taken so long, with all my school stuff and all at the end of the semester it is just keeping me too busy.

Finally, some blog maintenance I'm hoping to do really soon is provide some links on the side of my blog for some of my FAVORITE blog entries from the past. I have TONS of blog throughout this blog (as well as my old blog) and it is hard to skim through them to find interesting ones, and since I know I have gotten some new readers recently, I'd like to provide fast access to some of what I consider to be my better blog entries....

So...until next time...keep your feet on the ground and keep your web-browser coming back here! ;)

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