Saturday, April 09, 2005

I Always (or at least 98% of the time)…

…wear my seatbelt when in a vehicle. Doesn’t matter the distance of travel.
…use my blinker when driving.
…carry chapstick in my pocket (or if I don’t have pockets in my pants/shorts…I have it in my purse/backpack).
…wear a watch. I like to know the time.
…turn in homework when it is due. I honestly can’t remember EVER missing a homework deadline. Now that doesn’t mean I don’t procrastinate till the VERY last possible minute, but whatever the case, I ALWAYS make my deadlines.
…listen to music when in my car.
…listen to music when showering.
…tell the truth. If I tell you something you can bet just about anything that I’m telling you the truth. If needed be, I might leave some of the story out, but I won’t lie. However, my friend Chuck taught me that that is called a lie of omission, but you know! ;)
…welcome a laugh!
…return phone calls.
…keep my cell phone plugged into the charger unless, I’m away from my house. I know TOO many people who are always like, “I’m sorry…my phones dying.” Seriously, I mean those batteries last pretty long (assuming it is a new phone). Plug them suckers in when you’re not on them! ;)
…pass my classes. The closest I’ve ever got to failing a class was a quarter grade my junior year of high school when I got a D+ in Pre-Calculus because I had basically STOPPED trying. HA! Me and my friends wouldn’t study for the tests because the teacher was TERRIBLE, and she knew we didn’t like her, because she couldn’t teach the material. And trust me, math is my subject!
…check my email. The only thing that stops me is if I have absolutely no access to the internet for some reason or another. You know, there are some people that you email them and wonder if they will get the email during that week. Whelp that is DEFINITELY not me.
…keep my room and car pretty tidy. It isn’t that I’m obsessive compulsive or anything, it’s just that I have just always picked up after myself. I don’t see the big deal about taking the MINIMAL extra effort to place something back where it belongs when I get finished with it.

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