Monday, April 25, 2005

What a day...

Okay…I try to avoid the “here’s what I did today” blogs….i do my best to write blogs that are more interesting (in my opinion) to read…ones that might be able to challenge my readers to think about something a little differently than before possibly, but I just HAVE to blog about my happenings of the day because it was just a different sort of day…HA! It wasn’t bad, just different…..some parts funny…some cool…and some just weird…
  • First…went to work this morning. Was working on some more of my Excel data entry and stuff I’ve been working on for the big boss man, and I was having to produce some graphs of some of the information in the worksheets. So I had made this first graph and for the life of me I couldn’t get it to label the data that was on the X-axis (like each individual bar on the bar graph). So when my friend Dawn came in and was talking to me I thought I’d try to ask her if she knew how to do it, but she said, “No, I’ve messed with that exact same thing before for hours before and can’t figure out how to make it do it.” So we were just talking for a minute when Dennis walked in. Well Dennis is the companies contracted “computer guy.” You know, the guy that comes in and gets paid TONS of money an hour to fix all the computer problems in the whole office, and he looked at my graph and was unable to figure it out too. Of course, me being a determined person, I started looking at it some more once he left and figured it out about 5 minutes after he left…HA! And it was actually not even in the section he was telling me to look in! Yes, don’t worry, Dawn was quick to remind me to take note of the money I’m getting paid per hour and then think about what Dennis gets per hour! ;)
  • After work I had to run to Wal-Mart before school to get chapstick since I ran out last night (and I called my uncle Kip and he wouldn’t bring me any over! DANG!). Not only did I get my chapstick but I also bought my first issue of “O” magazine! Yes, that’s Oprah’s magazine and can I tell you this issue is a good one! It is their 5th anniversary issue and it comes with a free insert book that is a collection of Oprah’s “Things I know for sure” thoughts…I wanted that the most because it made me think of my blogs and I want to read it and see if it is like stuff I like to blog about. My opinion on things and just random stuff on life in general.
  • In my 2 o’clock class we had a guest speaker who was talking about federal laws and stuff on performing research which REALLY made me second guess my thoughts on doing the thesis option at the end of my Masters as well as second guess ever going for my doctorate. =(
  • Around 4:15 PM in my 2 o’clock class the tornado sirens started going off outside because there were tornados around Arlington so we got outta class early and had to go congregate on the first floor of the building. HA! It reminded me of two times: elementary school and tornado drills, of course! And then of the last tornado watch I was in which I think was my sophomore year when at ACU. Us girls in Sikes all had to congregate in the halls on the first floor for like 25 or 30 minutes. It was cool though because that was when Jackie Beth introduced me for the first time to Erin, who would become one of my roommates for the next two years! How cute…we met during a tornado drill….HA!
  • Then after the tornado drill passed a bunch of us from class went up to our professors office to get our papers back that we were suppose to get back at the end of class. As he was passing them out to us in the hallway he was just handing them back not saying anything till he got to me and goes, “I need to talk to you”. So of course I’m think, “Score! He wants to buy my research proposal off me and use it for his own!” ;) Whelp…once I finally make it through the line of people that wanted to ask him questions about their papers, I get in his office. The first thing he says to me is, “You write very well.” And he starts flipping through it (as I’m thinking….hmmm…I might sell it to him for $400! HA!) Then he starts pointing out sections and saying this was very well written. He of course had PLENTY to flip through, since it was a 40-page paper. Then he gets to this one page that he had marked a lot of red on and goes, “This part is all written in past tense and proposals aren’t suppose to be in past tense, they are a plan so in future tense. This is like it is from a study that has already been done before.” So by this point my train of thought has changed from “$400”, to “oh boy…I’m gonna have to go defend myself to the dean for being falsely accused of plagiarizing!!!!” Of course I kept cool because what was also running through my head was “well, if I get kicked out of school for being falsely accused of plagiarizing, I can always take up a career in writing. I mean how good must I be if I write so well that I’m accused of plagiarizing when I HONESTLY didn’t!?! HA!” Whelp, I was able to convince him that I honestly had written it, and he did end up saying, “Well I’m glad you’ve explained this to me because I knew from class that you are a really good student, so I believe you and trust you now.” Uhhh…thanks…I guess. Sucks when you have to convince people when you are being accused of something you didn’t do. But hey, he did continually tell me how good of a writer I am! Whether that was for his case to try to prove I plagiarized or not I’ll never know, but I take it all as a compliment! ;)
  • During my TOTALLY boring 6 PM class I took advantage of being on my laptop with wireless internet connection—AIM! I chatted with around 6 or 7 people during the class…one being a friend I hadn’t talked to in a LONG time! We did some catching up and it was great! However she did ask me at one point, “You dating anyone?” Which should tell you how long it’s been since we’ve talked…let’s face it, it’d been so long she had forgot who she was talking too….HA!
  • Finally, I got to head home at around 8:30ish. That was when I was in the lets call and talk to folks I haven’t talked to in a while mood. Unfortunately, the first called individual was out with some friends, so she couldn’t talk. The second I got a voicemail on. The third had to go and said they’d call back. The fourth NEVER answers my calls (voicemail): have I mentioned how I think my best friend from high school has no interest in being friends anymore??!!? However the fifth person, who I’d been meaning to call for a few days, curious if they were going to Abilene also for graduation, was the winner! It was GREAT to talk to her again and we talked for about 20 or 25 minutes!

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Suzie Creamcheese said...

I was in class at 4:15 too, in the building right next to yours! We didn't take any precautions at all. I guess my professors don't care as much about us and yours do. ;) Suzie