Sunday, April 24, 2005

Two Random Thoughts

Two random thoughts to consider. One that I’ve had on my mind for several days now and one that I thought up today.

First, I’ve been thinking about this one for a while:
Why did chopsticks not catch on around the world? Seriously, I’m sure they were around before forks and spoons. I mean I haven’t done any in-depth research on chopsticks, but I would just assume two wooden sticks were around before molded metal was. I mean, yeah, maybe we all (as in the folks that don’t use chopsticks) think they are difficult to eat with, but have you ever seen an Asian eat with them? They eat with as much ease as you and I. I mean come on….chopsticks are SOOO much cheaper to produce, and think about how much it would save you when buying eating utensils as a wedding gift!

Second, I thought about this just a little bit ago:
Have you ever thought how much life or friendships are like a big ol’ cockroach? I mean think about it. For that cockroach, one wrong move and BOOM…he is flipped over on his back and then he’s a goner. How often in life are we THAT close to making one wrong move and POOF….being a goner??! Think about driving…I’ll never forget the when my youth minister growing up told us how close we are to death each and everyday when we get in a car. Think about how you are within inches of passing cars, especially on-coming cars, that could instantly kill you with one wrong move. Look at friendships. Though they won’t “kill” you, think of how one wrong move in a friendship can ruin the whole friendship. Whether it be saying the wrong thing, or doing the wrong thing, or lying about something, etc. Speaking of lying about something, that’s another cockroach scenario….isn’t it funny how saying just one lie can ruin someone’s trust in you. Just that one wrong move, that one lie doomed your established trust.

Okay…just thought I’d share those and see if you have any comments on the matters.

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