Thursday, April 21, 2005

Random Stuff

Sorry so many of my recently blogs haven't been real "deep" or "thought provoking"....I will rationalize and say it's because I've been too busy lately, but who CAN'T say that, right?

And unfortunately, this blog isn't going to be worthy of some of these recent AMAZING comments I've had about my blog:

"I forgot how much I enjoy visiting your blog. You have some real interesting stuff on there."

"So you should definately write a book or compileyour blogs into a book!!! Reading them just amazes meeverytime! I don't know if you watch Sex and The Cityor not, but Sarah Jessica Parkers character on thereis a columnist for a newspaper and she compiled someof her articles into a book and just reading yourblogs make me think of that!"

"Whenever I read your blogs I want to comment, but I usually cannot think of something intelligent enough to say in response. It is as though whatever I have to say would not do justice for such a great site. However, because I appreciate the praise-filled comments you leave for me, I will do my best in expressing my admiration. Your writings are always so very enlightening and inspiring!"

These have made me proud to log into Blogger each time, knowing that what I say is going to be read and might make someone give something a little more thought than they previously had. So after receiving great words of praise such as those, can you not feel the pressure rising?!?! HA!

It's funny how many post-it notes I ALWAYS have around with "blog ideas" written on them (and that's not to mention how many ideas I get while in the shower or in bed and too lazy to get outta bed to write them down--though I normally get up and jot them down...HA!) So...with some of these, I don't think I'll EVER get around to blogging about them in the depth I'd like, so many of them are going to be included below simply as thoughts that have been running through my head, that even though they aren't an entire blog subject (though they totally could be), they can still hopefully make ya still think about them...give ya something to ponder. The only exceptions that I plan to blog about in full form soon (hopefully) which will not be mentioned below are the topics of "Saying 'I love you'" and "Hugs". Those I believe deserve their full form blogs! ;)

Also...below will just be some random things that have happened lately.

  • Today I was leaving for school and was pulling out of my street and noticed this big scary looking black dog on the street over from us. I remember thinking, "Phew, good thing it was on that street loose and not on ours when I had to come out and get in my car to leave." Then I looked one last time and realized, "CRAP...that's OUR big black dog!" and then looking a yard away, "CRAP and there's our big scary brown dog!" HA! Of course when I was trying to round them up the big black lab thought it would be funny to lift his leg on my cars I yelled at him and the mailman down the street watched!
  • Once I finally was on my way to school I looked down to catch my odometer hit 75,000 miles! I bet you'll never guess how many miles this sucker had on it when I got it. Remember, I have had it for less than a year...i got it on July 6, 2004.
  • I filled up my car today with gas on the way too school too. It cost me $34.00 (@ 2.12 a gallon). That's the largest total I've had to pay for gas in my car since buying the car....geez! And to think...i have a car...a Camry...not an SUV...those folks must be passin' out at the pump!
  • I've been trying a new thing lately. I'm trying to remember to drink a glass of milk each night before going to bed. I haven't drunk near as much milk over the past 5 years (since having gone off to college) as I used too and should. It isn't that I don't like milk, I have no problem with it...I just don't like to spend the money on it, and normally just drink water or lemonade most the time anyways. However, I'm taking this new "habit" into my life with a new view. Instead of how in the past I've viewed things (and how I think MOST people view new "habits" in life....such as New Year's Resolutions) by noting the days I forget or simply not do the "habit" I'm going to not worry about the days I've missed and instead think of the times I HAVE performed the "habit". Why is it that we always focus on the negative. Example: new years resolution--to exercise more. "Crap...i didn't exercise last night, or the night before, so i might as well not do it tonight either." So in the end you quit. Or, "Whelp, I didn't drink my glass of milk the last three nights because I was out too late, got home and forgot. We were out of milk last night, etc..." Instead, "way to go me! I didn't get to drink my milk the last three nights, but I'm having it tonight, so maybe I can pick back up on it again starting tonight!"
  • Isn't it funny how people can be such control freaks?!! Like some people get all panicked if they are not in control. Like some people always have to have the television remote. That isn't such an extreme case, but think about how many people you know (or maybe you) that won't use the cruise control on their car even on a LONG trip because they like to always be in control of the car and feel using the cruise control takes them out of control.
  • Is it possible to be TOO smart? Well, I don't think it is possible to be TOO smart, but I do think it is possible to be smart to the extent that it can cause you problems with yourself as well as with others. Here is too examples. 1) with others, you might be "smart" to the extent that you don't think anyone else is right but yourself, so you can be rather close-minded, as well as extremely hard to talk to (even annoying sometimes!) and 2) with yourself, you might be so much of a thinker and so "smart" that while your heart might want you to go in one direction, your mind can't be convinced of it for one reason or another. Like no matter how badly you want to believe something, your mind is convinced that you can't believe it for one reason or another. (If you need a more specific example of this one I can give it to you...i have personal experience with this one! HA!)
  • "Depression is anger turned inward." I got that off an Oprah episode not too long ago and I have it written on a post-it to discuss it. Hmmmm....I can't say I've had much experience personally with experiencing depression, however I went though a state of bereavement after losing a friend not too long ago and with bereavement can come depression, so while I was "depressed" I suppose it was some anger about the situation I was feeling inwardly. I was dealing with the "If i'd only's" and the "why did you have to die" and the "it's not fair" and etc. Those were all anger I suppose....hmmm....I'll have to think about this one more...
  • This is an interesting quote I wrote down from a movie I watched for the first time recently: "But as one gets older, one's fears subside. What becomes more and more important is to be known. Known for all that you were during this brief stay. How sad it seems to me to leave this earth without those that you really love the most never knowing who you really were." (The Bridge Over Madison County) I've gotta is important to let people know who you really are. One should let people love them for who they are, not who they pretend to be.
  • Oh dang....going through these post-its I found yet another TWO was a long thought, I ran outta room on one of them....that are about a topic that I think I need to save for it's own blog. I can not give it justice in a "bullet" on this blog. It is on the topic of how one can live a satisfying life without religion. HA! I know a lot of you are thinkin'....are you kiddin' me! HA! Like I said, this topic can't be conducted in a minimal effort!

So, that's some thoughts for now....but I'll tell you what...with those three big topics that I refused to cover in this blog, why don't you leave me a comment and tell me which one you are most interested in hearing my opinion on.

  1. Saying "I Love You"
  2. Hugs
  3. Living a satisfying life without religion

Until next time....keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars! ;)


Holly said...

Nice post! Has a little bit of everything to talk about in it. (1) I like that "Bridges of Madison Co." quote. It's important for people to know "you" than to spend your whole life being "someone else." Too much trouble. Then again, if we are being someone else, isn't that still "being you"? (2) As for the too smart thing, I know what you mean. Then again, by the time the person has gotten annoying and the other person stops listening -- wouldn't that mean closed-mindedness has occured on both ends? It's a communication breakdown I think. I know b/c I broke down today listening about healthcare. heh. (3) I don't think I buy what Oprah said about depression being "anger turned inward." Yes, I think it is definately like that in some cases but I don't believe it can really be applied to all depressed persons. Human emotions and human personality are too multi-faceted. I will need to think about this some more though too, but I am leaning towards disagreement.

Holly said...

I totally forgot which post you should post. Um, I believe it is a close tie between either the one about living a happy life w/o religion or the one about hugs. I guess that first one. Either would suffice and be cool to read though!

Nicole Ashley said...

Hi Kim!

I really enjoy reading your blog. We didn't really know each other very well when we were both at ACU, but reading your blog I think we could have been good friends.

I have too many comments for this post, so I will only list my top 2:

1. I think sometimes depression can be anger turned inwards, but not always. I suffered from depression off and on for a few years and spent a lot of time thinking about it, and I think ultimately depression is just a sense of hopelessness. Anger is often intertwined, but not necessarily the cause. Of course it's also different for every person.

2. I would be most interested in your thoughts on people living a satisfying life without religion. This is something I've been thinking about recently, because where I live I have some friends who are atheists and some friends who are Christians (Church of Christ), and honestly, the atheists seem a lot more satisfied and are actually nicer and a heck of a lot less judgemental about stupid thinks like political beliefs. Just something to think about.