Thursday, April 14, 2005

Round Two....(and I still had my special touch)

So tonight in my class I was logged on under my other screenname again and it just so happened that "The dude" (see my blog from April 11th entitled "Tee Hee Hee") decided to IM me again. So, being the fun-loving person I am...i couldn't help but talk back with him. It was a rather short conversation....but here it is:

The dude: hi again
Me: hello
The dude: how are you today?
Me: doin' well
Me: and yourself
The dude: not too bad
The dude: how's your tail?
Me: it's doin' good....i got to keep it...after they removed it...i have it in a jar
Me: i feed it on a daily basis
The dude: lol
The dude: well, just thought i'd say hi
The dude: i g2g
The dude: meeting some friends at the horsetrack
The dude: hasta luego
Me: cool.....later
Me: have fun

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