Wednesday, April 13, 2005

America’s Most Wanted!

Okay, so maybe not “America’s”…maybe “Kim’s”….

And okay…so maybe they aren’t “wanted” by me, but I “WANT to know what happened to them.”

This is my Kim’s Most Wanted list of folks that I wanna know what the heck happened to them!?!? What are they doing with their life nowadays…and where are they?

Here is my figuring….

You wouldn’t believe how many people come across my blog by random internet searches. I’ve had all of the following searches lead people to my blog (and no, just because they phrase their search words in these manners doesn’t mean I have that EXACT phrase in my blogs anywhere…I could just have SOME of those words in my blog, so it leads them here):

Prejudice about Blacks in Songs
goatees on guys what do ladies think?
robin williams std
how do I know if my mate really loves me
"Constantine Maroulis" +smoker
Anwar Robinson bisexual
constantine maroulis + bisexual
constantine maroulis gay

Come on…let’s face it…I sure as heck can’t answer many of these folks “questions” via their searches with my blogs. And for goodness sakes…we KNOW I can’t help that poor fifth person! HA! ;) Because that is TOTALLY my area! ;)

Sooo…why am I doing this blog you ask? Because of the power of the internet search engines!!!

I’ve already have one friend of mine who came across my blog by searching for websites that had her name on it, and my blog came up (don’t worry…I was talking good about her! HA!). So far she is the only person who has told me she has found my site that way, but I’ve seen some of my other friend’s names shown on the list of “searches that people have done to get to my blog” so I wonder if they have been searching for their name and came across my site, or if it was a stalker of theirs…HA! Either way….let’s face it…we all think it is cool to search for our name on the internet, so I’m hoping some of the people I mention in this blog will do the same and then get back to me in some manner to let me know just what has happened to them over the years since we haven’t been in touch for years. Also, if you reading know anything about the whereabouts of these people, or just what they’ve been up to, fill me in (however, UNLIKE America’s Most Wanted, there will be no reward for information leading to these people’s reconnection with me!) HA!

So here we go:

Let’s start with WAY back when….Nixa, Missouri. When I was living in Nixa I went to K-2nd grade there.

Kenny Revoir (he was another of my really close friends)
Tiffany Latimore (she was my best friend)

Now moving on to St. Louis, Missouri. I went to 3rd grade through graduating high school there.

Forder Elementary:
Anthony Buss (I always just thought he was soooo smart and mature for his age….we were in the gifted program together)
Ben Hahne (he was one of my best friends in like 4-6th grade…he lived nearby and we would hangout together…..last thing I know was his family moved to Florida....his siblings names were Jake Hahne and Sarah Hahne...hey, you never know, maybe one of them will search under their name and come across this and I can get in touch that way!)
Billy Wheeler (I think that was his name...he was in my 3rd grade class and my teacher would always sit me by him because he would get in trouble when she sat him with anyone else, but he and I were kinda friends, so he was good when he sat by me...HA!)
Michael "Boomer" Shockely (he was my older brothers age, but I still hungout with him a the neighborhood playing sports, or I would go over to his house and play Nintendo games sometimes...HA!)
Russ Derosa (not positive, but I THINK that was his name...just curious what he is up too)
Kurt Kahmke (just curious)
Sean Devereaux (just curious)

Buerkle Jr. High:
Jesse Simon (we would play sports in the neighborhood together, mainly soccer)
Tim Lurkins (our families were real close and we were in the gifted program together in elementary and we would play hockey in the neighborhood together)

Mehlville Sr. High:
Alan Johnson (I never got to see him after he came back from England from doing his Mormon mission thingy…but I hear he got married)
Anna Ahrens (just curious and I’m pretty sure she ended up going to Rice University in Houston)
Arriel Bivens (we played basketball together and we would always chill together…she nicknamed me “Queen Bee”)
Ashley Boyer (just curious)
Bridget Sheehan (she was really fun and sweet…and I’m pretty sure she ended up coming down to Texas to go to Baylor…but I never heard anything else about her)
Chrissy Albietz (Chrissy was a lot of fun…and I know she got married when in Kansas for school, but that’s all I remember)
Courtney Weiss (just curious)
Harlan Futrell (he was a really fun guy…we were the buddies from like one class I think, but we were both basketball players)
Josh Roesch (just curious)
Kelsey Kellison (REALLY fun pal from basketball)
Laura Beckman (we were buddies from basketball)
Leroy Smith (he was my buddy…once again from classes as well as us both being athletes, not to mention sitting by one another at gradation…our names are close! HA!)
Mandy Henerfauth (she was fun…just curious)
Ronni Padberg (I always admired her…she was so smart and really nice)
Mark and Scott Young (just curious)
Sarah and Erin Butler (we have gone to school together since 3rd grade as well…and were basketball teammates in high school)
Scott Harris (just curious)
Stacy Stewart (we’ve known one another since like 3rd grade when I moved to STL and we were friends then)
Stacy Westray (just curious)
Stephanie Taylor (I actually kinda kept in touch with her after I went away for school…but have lost touch)
Ted Wenk (just curious)
Tony Schmitt (a friend because he lived right behind me and we would hangout growing up, but not a whole lot in high school)

Now….teachers or principals that I’m curious what has happened to them:
Brenda Wilson (my 5th grade teacher…I LOVED her!)
Debbie Decker (my principal at Forder…the only principle I ever had to go to the principal’s office to see…HA! I was a bully in elementary school believe it or not…HA!)
Gary Davison (or was it Davidson…CRAP…I don’t remember…anyhow….he was my 6th grade teacher…and rumor had it that he disappeared off to somewhere in the south…maybe like Georgia or Alabama or somewhere like that with either got a divorce from his wife and ran off with a new woman or something like that…or maybe I made that up…I don’t remember… HA!)
Mrs. Judith Wilkerson (she was a LOONEY teacher I had in junior high for 7th grade social studies. She loved me…she was SOOO funny…normally seemed hung-over…HA! But she was a lot of fun...I could get away with ANYTHING in that calss...and I was really bad too in there! HA!)

Isaac (I don't remember his last name, but we worked together the summer after my freshman year at ACU back in St. Louis at Howards RV)

Andrea Hefelfinger (I know she ended up getting married after she left our freshman year, but we were really good friends...I wonder how she is)
Karin Grimes (she was WAY fun and her boyfriend was soo cool--I helped sneak him into the dorm for her...HA! She left after our freshman year, but was kept in touch for about a year or 1.5 years after then...but then lost touch)
Kelly Haas (she pledged with us in GATA and then left....I heard she had moved to Arkansas for school...but then I heard she moved again...maybe back to Texas...not sure)
Vanesa Centeno (I can't remember how to spell her last name...but she pledged GATA with us and was SOOOOO sweet. She actually kept in touch with me a little while after she graduated...but i think with her husband in the military they were gonna move to somewhere across the world back in Feb. of 2004)

So….if you have any information leading to enhancing my knowledge on the life’s of these individuals feel free to inform me of that. HA!

And until then….I’ll just keep wondering! ;)


Anonymous said...

Hey Kim,
Yes, I'm a very bored dork who searched for pages on the internet with my name on it. I came across this page and decided to give you the very brief and rather dull update on my life. I graduated from SEMO in December and moved back up to St.Louis a couple months ago. I am now enduring the painful struggle of trying to find a good job. But that's all that's new in my life. So there you go...(where's my reward?) My e-mail is if you ever want to get back to me.

dashark73 said...

I know of a Mike Shockley who lives in the Spokane, Wa area. He's in his early to mid 30's

FeedingYourMind said...

Nope, that must be a different Mike. This Michael Shockley would be 24 or 25 or 26.

Thanks, though!

Anonymous said...

Ms. Decker retired about 5 years ago, I think the year I graduated from Mehlville (2001). Mr. Davison is the principal of a school in Georgia (go figure). Mrs. Wilkerson retired in 1998 or so, I think the year after I was in her class. I know Mrs. Wilson retired, I'm just not sure when (I had Mrs. Rauch for 5th grade and amazingly, she's still there and retiring this year).

I don't know anything about the students you mentioned, I guess beacuse we weren't in the same class. I remember most of them though, especially the Butler twins and Rusty DeRosa (he used to bully me and my friends).

Odd that I should come across your page, though a year after your wrote it. Hope I could fill in some blanks!

And if you're wondering, my name is Erin McFadden. I went to Forder, Buerkle, and Mehlville, and graduated in 2001.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kim this is Harlan Futrell, well as for me i have been in college. I was attending Central Mo; playing football all 4 yrs. then went off to the CFL and playued ball, but now i live in Las Vegas, and teaching, i have and baby girl, and i'm married, but any way my email is
, hope to here from u soon,one

Anonymous said...

What's up this is Jake. Ben Hahne's older brother. He's still in FL working on getting some more college under him. As for me I moved back to StL in 2000, got married amd now have a 3 year old daughter.

Anonymous said...

Queen Bee
what's up this is Arriel I'm chilln email me and i will fill you in on everything can't wait to talk 2 u

Josh and Stacy said...

Hey, this is Stacy (Westray) Lanfersieck. I know this is many years after your post but I figured I would give you a brief update. I graduated from SEMO in 2004 with a bachelors in elementary and early childhood education. This is my 3rd year teaching and I currently teach 4th grade eMINTS in St. Clair, MO. I got married in July of 2007 and was just blessed with the birth of a baby boy March 14, 2009. My e-mail is StayC921@gmail if you want to get in touch!