Monday, July 11, 2005

Do You Have a Person Like This In Your Life?

Have you ever met one of those people that just looking at them makes you happy!?!?

They are those people that are just so happy outwardly and they are always smiling. They crack jokes that make you laugh out loud. And besides all that, they are just a down-right sweet person!

Yeah, we all have friends that we love to be around and we have fun when we are with them, but I’m talking that person that maybe you aren’t even all that close to, but you don’t HAVE to be close to this person to experience the pleasant nature that is about them. That attractive personality and happy being they give off.

Tonight I totally realized my professor I have for this summer Research II course is just that type of person!

She is like the sweetest person, not to mention funny (my kind of sense of humor…HA!) and she is dang cute! She’s probably mid 40’s, I’d guess. She talks about having kids (I’m not sure how many though) and I noticed tonight she has one heck of a rock on her hand, so I’m assuming her hubby does something “up-there” if you know what I mean. But besides all that, this lady makes me smile just looking at her. If that sounds coo-key (not sure how to spell that word, but that is how it is pronounced), you most likely don’t know the kind of person I’m referring too.

Granted, I’m not close to my professor (at all), but I’ve talked to her a couple times after class about things, as well as emailed her, and I can tell you just from our few interactions, but mostly just from her presence in our class, I love people like her!

Do you know people like this? We all need people like this in our life! No, not to hangout with, but just to get to see from time to time to make us smile and encourage us to be more like those around us who are happy!

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Anonymous said...

I know exactly the type of person you are talking about. They sure do make life an adventure and they give off this energy like none other. For me it was Dr. Angie McDonald and Amy Parker, R.N.