Wednesday, July 06, 2005

My Sidebar

I just want to point out some things on my sidebar:
  • First, and most importantly...I've added a link called "QUICK sign this!"....go there and sign the One campaign petition if you haven't! This is very important folks! And the meeting is actually today! But still sign!
  • Also, as you've now seen, I've added a "links" section, so feel free to browse that!
  • Also, I've recently added several new folks to my "recommended" blogs. I can honestly tell you over the past month or so, so many folks have joined the world of blogging that I'm aware of! Still there are some folks who I read that I haven't added, which I'm sure they don't even know I read their stuff (HA!), but then again, I'm sure there are a lot of folks that know me and read my stuff, though I have no clue they read (and apparently they like to keep it that way, but choosing not to comment!) ;)
  • I want to bring special attention to my buddy Ellison...she has been added to the world of blogging and many people i think are still unaware of that fact! She is a frequent blogger (believe it or not)...I think I've rubbed off (or else ACU just can't keep her busy of the two!) Way to go Ellison! However, I'm still waiting for her to let the creative juices flow and come up with a snazy title for her blog....come on, Ellison...we all know you're in love with yourself, but let's get real, even I didn't name my blog after myself! ;)
  • Another addition, and one I enjoy checking daily is my countdown to my graduation! Those counters are a cool thing to add to your blog. I can't wait to add mine for "days till my wedding!" ;)
  • Also, if you go towards the bottom of my sidebar, you'll see the "I'm a statistic" white box. That is a survey about bloggers put out by MIT. I strongly recommend going and taking the survey! I'm a big fan of supporting research!
  • Finally, I've added a new poll, so feel free to go take that as well!

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