Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Things I Have Recently Understood…

When I say recently, it is defined VERY loosely in the sense of one of these I learned just yesterday and one I learned my freshman year in college….so that’s just a sidenote!

  • Why Six Flags ain’t joking when they warn that “Guests with neck problems shouldn’t ride this ride!”
  • How the powers of depression can totally overcome and suck the life out of a person.
    That cognitive-behavioral therapy would make for a great therapy for depressed people who are especially pessimistic.
  • Cutters. That being why people can actually turn to self-mutilation

And the biggest one…the one that just totally made me say, “Wow…I understand it now was…

  • Why being sexually abused as a child can lead a male to choosing a homosexual lifestyle in the future. I could always see the logic behind a female turning homosexual because of it, but couldn’t understand the male side of it till recently.

It’s so cool to learn new things! I suppose if you’re more interested in any of those types I mentioned, ask and I’ll let you know what I learned.

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