Wednesday, July 20, 2005

From Naye

1. Do you own a polka dot shirt? Not anymore….i did at one time and I used it as part of my clown costume whenever I would dress up as a clown

2. Do you think that you will ever be the first women president? Nope, and no interest to be

3. How many showers have you taken today? One..just got out

4. What do you think you will be doing at this time tomorrow? Chatting on AIM or blogging like I’m doing now (or maybe playing MarioKart…HA!)

5. What is the hottest thing about a guy? personality

6. Who do you want the next president to be? Don’t care…but I would be interested in seeing Oprah run

7. What do you know about your religion? I don’t claim a religion, however, my stance on religion is agnostic, but I don’t believe that to be a religion

8. How many new people have you met this year? A ton…what a blessing!

9. What is the last number you used? Probably when I typed the number 75 to someone on AIM earlier

10. What was the last candy you had? Uhhh…I had a piece of gum after lunch today…does that count as candy?

11. Do you drink soda? no

12. Are you worried about your weight? I wouldn’t say “worried,” however I’m a lot more conscious of it nowadays then I used to be

13. What song would you want a guy to sing to you? MMMBop---I don’t know…HA!

14. What is your words per minute(how fast you type)? HA! I was just taking one of these tests the other day at work when I was bored! The best I did was 63 words per minute with zero mistakes! Not bad! Try it:

15. What will you eat next? I’m not sure

16. When was the last time you baked brownies? Hmm…a couple weeks back

17. How many people know your birthday? Uhh…isn’t this a question for them? I don’t know

18. Do you look tired today? Who knows…probably…I was SOOO slow getting to work today…I couldn’t get outta bed…LONG/busy day yesterday!

19. When was the last time you had a Now & Later? A few weeks ago

20. Do you think Tom DeLonge is hot? Who is that?

21. Name a friend & their favorite color. Misty—pink….YUCK! (about pink, not Misty!)

22. What was the last thing you ran for? Like ran in an election, or ran like with my legs? I suppose in an election was for GATA offices, and with my legs…I ran after one of the bosses the other day trying to catch him before he left…does that count?

23. Do you think you have no life? I think as long as you’re breathing, you have a life. Who is to define your life as “dull” or “unexciting”?

24. How many days until you get out of school or go back to school? My last day of class is on August 8th, and I start back on the 22nd!

25. Take your age, multiply it by your favorite number, add it to the amount of letters in your first name, subtract it by how many speakers you have and multiply it by 3. What do you get? 2295

26. Have you ever failed a final? You know, I don’t know…that’s usually the good thing about finals, you normally don’t get them back so you have no idea what your grade on them was! ;)

27. At what age do you think your hair will start turning gray? I have no idea

28. Name something that you have more than 28 of. Pictures on my walls and CDs

29. Do you like peas? You betcha

30. Have you ever woken up with a spider on you? Not that I can remember

31. Do you drool in your sleep? When I’m REALLY sleepy, yep!

32. Have you ever peed yourself in your sleep at a friend's? don’t think so

33. Do you watch the Real World? Never have

34. Have you whined today? Maybe, but I don’t remember; I don’t consider myself a big whiner

35. Have you talked mean about anyone today? not that I remember

37. What does your soap smell like? Uhhh….white stuff? It’s the Dove wannabe

38. Do you believe in pre-marital sex? Define “believe”…I mean it takes place, so I believe it is real…

39. Have you ever had a stalker? Who would want to stalk me…let’s be real!

40. Can you remember your last dream? Uhhh…I think I was getting in trouble by one of the cool doctors at work…but I don’t remember it for sure

41. Have you ever popped a string on a guitar? no

42. Do you leave food sitting up in your room? Snacks…yeah, because I always have snacks at my desk! HA! Regular meals-type food…no

43. Do you have a nose ring? no

44. How many people did you talk to last time you were on the phone? one

45. What is your reasoning for usually getting online? Check my email, Chat on AIM, read and write blogs

46. How much money do you think you'll make when you get older? I don’t know. If I end up with my own practice I could see me making maybe 65 or 70K

47. Do you have trouble falling asleep? Normally…I lay there and think about stuff

48. Have you ever been struck by lightning? nah

49. What is your sign? Sag.

50. Have you ever thought a teacher was really hot? I don’t recall thinking that

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Misty Michelle said...

I am just so proud that I made it onto an answer for one of your surveys! And pink is not yucky!!! :)