Saturday, July 23, 2005

A-Z About Me!

A - Age you got your first kiss: 5 or 6, I was in kindergarten in gym class…HA!

B - Band listening to right now: Rascal Flatts

C - Crush: none as of right now

D - Dad's name: Ken

E - Easiest person(s) to talk to: just about any of my best friends

F - Favorite bands at the moment: Rascal Flatts

G - Gummy worms or gummy bears?: depends on my mood, probably worms

H - Hometown: Springfield, MO (born); St. Louis, MO (lived the majority of my life so far); Irving, TX (current home)

I - Instruments: none…though I’ve had a lot of people say I probably should have been in band (and I had enough friends in high school who were in band, and apparently a LOT of my friends from ACU were in band in high school…HA!)

J- Junior High: Buerkle Junior High School

K - Kids: yes, someday

L - Longest car ride ever: St. Louis, MO, to Abilene, TX—about 15 hours I think

M - Mom's name: Susan (and yes, she has the same name as that lady that drowned her two kids back in like 1995; however when she was always asked around that time if that was her, her response was always, “I have four kids, why would I drown only two of them?!?!” HA!)

N - Nicknames: Kim (though from my poll on this blog you’d think that WAS my name…HA!), Kimbo, Kimster

O - One wish: to be able to maintain the friendships I have now through my lifetime

P - Phobia[s]: being a psychology person I can say I don’t have any true “phobias” by the technical terms of the word, however my fears include, heights, rodents, and snakes

Q - Quote: “Anyone can make others laugh at someone else’s expense, but those who can make you laugh without hurting anyone truly possess the gift of humor” by none other than myself back on January 17, 2000.

R - Reason to smile: friends, feeling loved, loving someone or something

S - Song you sang last: “Skin” by Rascal Flatts

T - Time you woke up [today]: 11:22 AM….i needed to catch up on some sleep

U - Unknown fact about me: I have never swallowed a pill in my lifetime

V - Vegetable you hate: not really any, however I’m not a big fan of black-eyed peas, but I’ll eat them

W - Worst habit(s): undisciplined bedtime

X - X-rays you've had: I’m assuming I got an x-ray when I broke my collarbone on my 2nd birthday, and I got x-rays of my back in like high school I think it was when they found I have slight case of scoliosis—just meant I wouldn’t grow any taller, as if I thought I was going to be real tall or anything…HA!

Y - Yummy food: that's a hard question... Italian, Chinese, Mexican... there is not much that I don't like

Z - Zodiac sign: Sag.

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