Monday, July 11, 2005

Just Stuff...

  • I have a new favorite cd for right now. Honestly, we all go through these phases, so don’t act like you don’t! HA! First it was my Live Like You Were Dying by Tim McGraw cd, then Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson, then A Beautiful Letdown by Switchfoot, then The Show Stoppers by the Season 4 American Idols, but now it is Feels Like Today by Rascal Flatts! I had this sucker CRANKED in my car on the ride home from school tonight and literally was singing at the top of my lungs (EVERYONE should do this from time to time! It is SUCH a good feeling—who cares how you sound!)
  • On this cd probably my favorite song is number 6, When the Sands Run Out. It has SUCH a great message and I can relate to it! Good song…totally recommend it!
  • Also on this cd is what I call the “secret track”…it is after the LONG pause following song number 11. It is called Skin. Anyways, though I’d “listened” to it on the cd before, I actually LISTENED to it today in the car on my way to school…AKA listened to all the words. I can honestly say I teared up! Good story telling! Very touching! I recommend listening to that one too!
  • Tomorrow (Tuesday) is the day I’ve had marked on my calendar, seriously, since like late March or early April, not sure exactly when it was. Anyways, this is when Million Dollar Baby comes out on DVD. And trust me, I’ve already surfed the web to see which store I can get it for the cheapest tomorrow! GREAT movie! AND, if you haven’t seen it. You best be setting up a date with me very soon for us to watch it. I LOVE this movie!
  • Today at work these chicks from upstairs (AKA the surgery center part of our building) walk around the corner to where some of my co-workers and I are working and they had rubber gloves on and a bunch of needles in a bucket. They were like, “We are giving everyone TB shots.” Now, I’ll tell you, shots don’t bother me, however, this TB business is one shot I’ve been avoiding, well it hasn’t come to me, I just haven’t gone to go get it checked into because I recently found out someone from my freshman dorm might have had it and gave it to people. So out of fear I suppose you could say it was, I was not wanting to go get it checked because I was afraid I might have it. And, since I don’t have any symptoms, IF I had it, it wouldn’t be active (which means I can’t give it to anyone), so I figured don’t worry about it. HA! So there was no getting out of it today. So believe it or not, I got it and AFTER I’d had it, no joke, like 5 minutes later I had to sit down because I was close to fainting. HA! I had been so over taken by the whole idea of “Oh my gosh, I’m gonna find out I have it, and then I won’t be able to work anymore, and then I can’t pay bills, then I can’t go to school, then I can’t do this…and that…and I’ll probably get shunned by the world and thrown out to sea and I can’t swim, and….” Okay, maybe not that far, but still, I think the thoughts of ending up having it took over my body and I got all weak and clammy and crap. I hate that “I’m about to passout” feeling. HA! Anyways, I’m happy to announce that more than 12 hours later I still have NO sign of TB (though I know they can’t “officially” read the results till like 48 hours later, but still!) I think I’m gonna end up “safe”. HA! Not that having inactive TB is all that big of a deal, but still! ;)
  • Here is a random blog that I’ve taken a fancy too. Let me tell you a little about it though before you go read it and think, whatever. I obviously don’t know this individual (it was one of those that I came across while hitting the “next blog” button), but I’m getting the impression that he is a gay gentleman (not that that really means anything, but I’m just giving you some background before you go to the site). What I enjoy about his stuff is: 1) he updates regularly (those are my favorite types of blogs…hint hint…HA!); 2) he fills me in on current events going on…honestly most ALL his posts relate to stories in the news or random bits he came across on the internet probably on like; and 3) he almost ALWAYS includes links with his stuff he is referring to in his posts…I love being able to go to the sites he is talking about on my own to get the full picture besides just his perspective. Having said all this, I’ll admit I haven’t agreed with all his opinions on the different matters, but that is kind of the beauty about it, you don’t have to agree to appreciate hearing sides of a story, you can actually grow though from looking at things from different perspectives! Anyways, all that and I’ll just say this, check it out. It is interesting stuff!
  • Okay, I want to know who is the person that calls me "Kimberly"??? Come on, someone voted for it on my poll on the sidebar! Is one of my family members reading this blog!?!? Like no one calls me by my real name! ;)
  • I turned in my paper in class tonight that I wrote this weekend (no lie, I started it on Sat. and finished it around about 6 PM on Sunday, even including a 3.5 hour break on Sat. to go to a birthday party…HA!) Anyways, it ended up 31 pages, with 10 pages of that being Appendix. So yeah, I get to class and I’m kinda early, so I’m sitting in there and we are all putting our papers up on the table and stuff, and everyone is talking about their papers. So yeah, it ends up that the longest paper I heard any of them say they turned in was 9 pages! My appendix was longer than that for goodness sakes! HA! So I’m expecting an “A” on that paper. HA! Well, I’ve recently admitted to liking research, so I suppose my paper would be a bit longer than that girl that was so proud when she announced to the girl next to her, “I did my best to squeeze one more page out of it, which made it go onto the 6th page!”
  • Does anyone else got other people’s blogs that they check like honestly daily, if not a couple times a day, and it is someone they know, though most likely not friends with, so sorta an acquaintance, and you read their blog like every time they update it, however you’ve never left them a comment. Possibly out of fear that then they will know you actually read their blog. HA! Most likely these are the people whose blogs you came across off of one of your friends “links” on their sidebar to their friends blogs (because face it, if your just an acquaintance, and not good enough friends with them to admit to reading their blog by posting a comment, you most likely aren’t one of the people they emailed to tell about their new blog they started…HA!) Come on, admit it. I think we all do this! ;)

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Katey said...

Yeah, on days at work when I'm bored, I check friends of friends blogs, I'll admit it. I even want to comment sometimes... but you just can't. What if they can't remember who I am? How embarassing would that be? It wouldn't really be I know, but still...

I like the Rascal Flatts CD too, never seen Million Dollar Baby (and really don't want to, don't hate me!), and bless you for writing a 31 page paper. I'm in the mode where a 2 page memo to my boss seems like WAY TOO LONG! Anyway, I don't know why I felt the need to comment on every portion of your blog today, but it was fun... and you commented on mine.