Friday, July 15, 2005


Three screen names that you have had: I refuse to answer this only because additional screennames are normally made for the purpose of people not knowing it is you, so why would I put them here! ;) However, I will admit, I only have 4 screennames, which is actually a LOT less than some people I know, and I bet most of you know at least 3 of those screennames, and some of you know all 4! HA! Plus, I don’t post my screenname on my blog. Not into that business.
Three things you like about yourself: my patterns of thought, my confidence, my humor
Three things you don't like about yourself: my hair, my eyesight, and recently, my allergies!Three parts of your heritage: English, German, and Scottish
Three things that scare you: (Note: this question is for people who are just asking for it…HA! But since most people already know these, I’ll just put them) Rodents (i.e. mice and rats), snakes, and heights
Three of your everyday essentials: internet, music, and food
Three things you are wearing right now: hat, watch, and ACU bracelet
Three of your favorite songs: since this question is too hard, I’ll just name the ones for this point in time, like one’s I love right now—“when the sand runs out” by rascal flatts, “feels like today” by rascal flatts, and “you’ll be there” by george strait
Three new things you want to try in the next twelve months: sushi, contacts or laser eye surgery, making the move ;)
Three things I want in a relationship: Honesty, friendship, communication
Two truths and a lie: I’ve gone to counseling for therapy, I’ve had to testify in court, I’ve been to a male strip joint
Three things you can't do without: love, friends, music
Three places you want to go on vacation: New York City, the Colorado mountains, Australia Three things you just can't do: stay off the computer, go a day without eating meat, swim
Three kids' names: Timothy, Garrett, Racheal??
Three things you want to do before you die: get married, write a book, own my own private practice
Three Celeb crushes: I suppose Tim McGraw, the younger of the two dudes in Montgomery Gentry (I don’t remember his name), and Hugh Laurie’s character on “House”…HA!

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