Sunday, July 24, 2005

Whoa! Look Over There At That Sidebar!

Been working with my sidebar and want to point out some more things:
  • First, I've added some more random "links", so you can check those out while you're probably sitting bored at work...HA!
  • Second, the "Recommend" links to my friends blogs. I've removed some folks (Sorry, if you were one of them...let me know and I can put you back! HA!). Also, I want to bring attention to two of my friends links. First, Lindsay. She has just started up her blog again under a new address, so if you had her linked to your blog in the past, you might need to update that address. This is her new blog! Welcome back, Lindsay! Also, Becca. Yes, Becca, you are still on my links, but that means you best keep up this blogging business (Whoa....was that a threat?!?! HA! HA!) Anyways, I want to point y'all in the direction of my buddy Becca's blog because she has become my SECOND of my most recent education major friends to obtain a teaching job for this fall! CONGRATS! (Laura was first!) Go read Becca's blog and hear about her job and congratulate her!
  • Third, while I'm talking about my links to my friends blogs on the sidebar. I have had several people in the past ask me how to add those, and while it isn't the easiest task, especailly is you aren't what we might call all that computer literate. However, I've successfully been able to navigate 3 people over AIM in the past through it, so it is possible. But tonight I was asked over the phone about it, so I typed up the instuctions for how to do it in a Word document to email this person, so if you'd like those instructions, let me know and I'll gladly get those to you.
  • Fourth, LOOK...I almost have entered the 400's for days left till I graduate with my masters! WOOO HOOO! Wait till I hit the one-year marker! ;)
  • Finally, I recommend jazzing up your sidebars. I've found recently as I've browsed random people's blogs looking for fun blogs to read and looking for more good surveys to use on my blog, that I've taken a liking to looking at people's sidebars. I think the way you decorate your sidebar and what kind of links, icons, etc. you put on there says a lot about yourself. Kinda like how you decorate your room. It's a great way to up your visitors to your blog as well. Believe it or not, a lot of people will find your blog off people putting your blog link on their blog, and if you put them first, they are more likely to add you too. Plus, I'll be completely honest, I can never remember my own blogs web address, so when I'm away from my desktop or laptop, where I have my webpage bookmarked, I always go to my buddy JWalk's blog to get to mine because I can always remember her address! HA! My address I always get confused with it and my....oh wait...nevermind...I don't want to put that here! ;)
  • P.S....I want to give a shout-out and thanks to my top three referral friends. These are the people's blogs who I get my most referral visitors from (and I can tell this from my blog counters at the bottom of my blog...i totally recommend those too!). In third place is Sarah's blog! My second place referral buddy is Katey's blog! And the blog I get my most referrals from is JWalk's blog (granted probably half of those are her coming to my blog from her blog...but you know! HA!) Thanks, y'all for contributing to my reading audience!
  • P.S.S....can i just say Mike Cope's blog is literally linked to a MILLION people's blogs!!! I swear I will be going through random blogs and come across people who have him linked on their sidebar and I'm like...who the heck are you?!?!? And you're not even from Abilene or an ACUer...HA! Way to go, Mike!

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