Friday, July 15, 2005

Saying Goodbye to Some Sticky-Notes!

Okay, I’m trying to clean my desk off. And since I had a pile of 11 post-it notes, which most of them included information for future blogs, I’m going to finally just make one of those random bullet blogs to get all this stuff “out” that I wanted to make into blog stuff. So, having said that, here goes:
  • I have noticed lately that there are a lot of people joining the blogging community. And might I add how happy I am that they are joing the blogger community and not the Xanga community since I don’t have a membership there and can’t comment on those blog entries…HA! Anyways, I was thinking lately about how I would love to read blogs by certain people. However, one particular person came to mind, I think possibly because I enjoy a good blog read that challenges me to think in ways I might not have thought before. I enjoy deep thinkin’ posts and I was just thinking how cool it would be to read blogs by Randy Harris. I suppose he could have a blog out there and I’m not aware of it, and if that is the case, please someone send me his website address. But since I’m under the impression that he doesn’t I think he would make a GREAT blogger. I could see him becoming the next Mike Cope of the blogging world! Okay…that’s that!
  • I have a post-it note from WAY back when when I watched this Dateline special on exorcisms. This programming totally had me hooked; not in the fact that I believe in exorcisms, but just watching these people and trying to believe this stuff really happens! The show claimed that “as many as 10,000 exorcisms are performed per year in the United States.” That I found simply amazing! The program was interesting because it showed an exorcism taking place. I totally couldn’t believe it! I personally don’t believe the devil manifests himself in people, like these individuals on the program believed. And if anything, I certainly didn’t believe the emotions the supposedly possessed man was demonstrating (i.e., random screaming outbursts as the people referred to it as the evil spirits talking to them through the man). If anything, I viewed the stunt as a man who was overcome with depression and stress in his life (as he openly admitted to on the show), simply wanting answers or hope for his life, therefore, jumping at the chance to call it “demon-possessed” in hopes that these people would come and “cure” him of the apparent “spirits” or in other words, free him from his depressed lifestyle. I don’t know, I suppose since I don’t believe in the stuff I thought it just looked bad on the part of the religious group that was affliated with the “exorcism team” which was trying to free the man of his “spirits.” Did anyone else see this episode and want to comment on it? Or anyone else want to tell me what they think about the idea of exorcisms or “demon-possessed” individuals?
  • I love quotes! Frequently I’ll find myself watching television, or a movie, or reading a book, and I’ll stop and jot down a quote someone said because I thought it was nicely put or it was something I wanted to think about. I love to think about quotes and decide if I agree with them or not. So I have two sticky notes here with three quotes, so I’ll go through those now.
  • “You don’t become what you want; you become what you believe” by Oprah. Hmm…I like that one. I mean I suppose I don’t know about the first part, that might have just been something Oprah whipped up outta the blue to make it into a good quote length-wise, but the second half is good! I mean I think if you want something you most likely believe in it, so I’d think in that case, you could become it. So the first part, not real sure on. But the second part…good. Your beliefs are so powerful! Don’t ever forget that!
  • “If we obsess about looking good instead of doing good, we will get caught in a spiral of ineffective action” by Andrea Ayvazian. I got this quote out of one of my textbooks from last semester (see, I told you I’ve had these sticky notes on my desk for a while…HA!) Anyways, I like this because I think it is so true. If you’re too busy trying to look good in front of people. Being like, “look at me…look what I did,” you aren’t going to be as effective as if you just focus on doing what is good and get the credit as it comes. When you are concerned with always looking good, you’ll be too focused on what others think and not worried about what you can do for others instead.
  • Finally, “You are not your past” by Oprah. This was something she said to a young girl who was 17 years old I believe who was on the show because she was a meth-addict. I think this quote is interesting because to me, it is a situational quote. I don’t think that one really applies in life in general. Yes, it might be good to use with individuals such as this girl who has been addicted to drugs for the past 2 or 3 years, but I think in general, a person IS the product of their past. I don’t think you are tied down to what you were in the past, should you choose to change from your ways of the past, but I think in general you are what your past has made you, thus making you your past. I mean I think I get the point Oprah was trying to make with this quote, but I think it could have been said differently. While I think there is no doubt about it that this girl is a drug addict (her past), that doesn’t have to be who she is. She can go to rehab and become the person from her past that was in rehab—the drug-free girl. I just think this is funny because had this been the story of a highly successful/powerful person who has spent the last 25 years doing good in the world and loving people, the quote might have been “Your past describes who you are!”
  • Sidenote: I’m beginning to think I didn’t explain myself very well in that last bullet, but we’ll see how it comes off to y’all…HA!

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