Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Angels Among Us?

“Oh I believe there are angels among us. Sent down to us from somewhere up above”
~Alabama’s Angels Among Us

Do you believe there are angels among us? More specifically, do you think there are people in your life who have been sent as “angels” to you?

This thought just came to me tonight and I was curious what y’all think. I mean I’ve heard it said many times before. One instance…

God sends everyone an angel here on earth, and I know that He sent you to be mine.

I’ve gotten that one before. But if people really are “angels” I’ve got some questions about that then. I suppose this would be towards those who believe this idea (not saying I do or don’t, I’m still questioning it, hence the forth coming questions)…

So if someone was an “angel sent to him/her,” does that mean the “person” is an angel as a whole (as in they are always an angel, therefore an angel for everyone they come in contact with) or just an angel to that particular individual? Like could a person who is an “angel” be someone that was put on this earth solely for the purpose of being an angel in aiding others?

Even more, are they an angel to that individual simply during a trying time in that person’s life, and then back to maybe “just a friend” after that time period, or do they always seem to represent that person’s angel? The angelic being is permanent vs. temporary.

I mean if you consider the next line of the song it goes:
“They come to you and me in our darkest hours”

So I don’t know. I suppose it’s cool to think of people in your life as people being brought into your life as a special angel for you, but whatever the case may be, angel or not, I suppose I just always look at these types of people as special blessings in my life!

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linds said...

Hey KIM! I don't know if I would think as certain people as angels in my life, but some sure have been blessings to me for sure.

I liked this post.

<3 you.