Wednesday, August 10, 2005

"Worth Your Time!"

I want to announce a new feature I’ve added to my blog…well my blog sidebar that is. The top thing on my sidebar is now a section called, “Worth Your Time!”

I have great appreciation for thought-provoking, or just down-right good blog posts! And recently (well over the past few months or half a year even) I’ve noticed a lot of new faces (or writers) have joined into the world of blogging and I’ve really enjoyed some great blog posts from some of my most frequently visited blogs, or even some I frequent less for that matter. Whatever the case, I believe great posts are worth sharing, and though many times I’ve simply made posts on my blog to direct people to these posts, I think this is a much better way of doing it.

I have no set schedule for when I’ll be changing this link, it is totally up to what kind of blog posts I come across. I might change it once a week or daily…it totally just depends. However, I highly encourage you to read the “Worth Your Time!” entries and leave a comment yourself. Though you might not agree with one of the entries, I can almost always guarantee they will make you think! And that, my friend, is “worth your time!”

Blessings, writers! And thanks for keeping me thinking!


Katey said...

Oh Kim... I thought no one had even read that post! I made a comment on there as well.

linds said...

Oh I like that new Worth you Time section :)

YAY for creativity Kimmy the awesome :)