Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Weight Gain in Graduate School

I’ve noticed there are two points when people really seem to gain weight: after being married and after going from undergrad to graduate school.

In my case I’m yet to experience the first, but am in full force living the second! So, in efforts to go along with my points, I’ll admit I’ve gained some weight since graduating ACU and going to graduate school. Granted I haven’t put on a ton, but as someone that has always been rather petite, I’m having problems with jeans and shorts lately…HA!

So a day or so ago it just HIT me out of no where! It was so cool…HA! I figured out why graduate students gain weight!

It all goes back to something I saw on the news back when I was in high school. They said students shouldn’t carry book-bags that weight more than 10% of their body-weight because it is bad for their backs. And let’s face it, in graduate school your books are two times the size of the undergraduate books as well as each course has two times the number of books required! So, to compensate for the heavier book load, literally, our body does its part to help you out! HA!

As for weight gain for married couples, I haven’t quite put my finger on the explanation for that one, maybe because I’m not married yet (which I’ll point out once again, since EVERYONE seems to be getting married lately…HA!), but I bet it has to do with testing the waters of the vows given… “…through sickness and in health…” ;)

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