Monday, August 08, 2005

The Gene and Julie Show

So this morning while I was too lazy at 6 AM to go out to my car to get my cds, which were still in there from my weekend trip this past weekend, I was left with the same old cds my uncle always has in his car and the radio for taking my little cousins back home to their mom’s this morning. Now this is a 3 hour trip, and I was exceptionally tired this morning, so I really needed some good tunes to keep me awake. Unfortunately, morning radio is mostly all talk shows, and I’ve never been a fan of radio talk shows, with the exception of Delilah; however she is on in the evenings and I’m much more attentive at that time…HA! One thing I DO like morning shows is that they can help to keep me updated with current events, so this mornings was no exception.

It was from the Gene and Julie morning show on KVIL 103.7 FM this morning that I learned of Peter Jennings passing. While that was sad news to hear, I can admit I’ve never been all that close with Mr. Jennings. HA! I’ve only recently begun enjoying watching the news on television, and even with that, it is normally just the local news…I’ve never been much of a fan of the national news. HA! I just get things off the internet (or morning shows for that matter).

However, when they were talking about his passing it was because they were beginning a segment for callers to call in and discuss an email they had just received in response to some comments they had apparently made when referencing Peter Jennings passing. These comments were made before I had begun listening to the show this morning, however, I had tuned in by the point where they read the email they had received for the first time on air.

Let me give you the jist of their previous comments, apparently, and then I’ll tell you about the email.

Apparently when mentioning his passing, they commented on how they hadn’t known until now that he was a high school dropout from Canada, who had dropped out of high school in his junior year (I believe was when they said it was) to accept his first broadcasting job. They apparently went on to express how great it was that he accomplished so much in his life and was such a great guy, even as a high school dropout. Once again, I say that I never heard their original words, but that was the jist of what they kept saying they had said whenever they were repeating what they had said.

So then a listener of the station had emailed in that she was appalled that they would say that. And that they would go on as they did about him and his lack of education and make it seem encouraging to young people today to dropout of high school, because they too can become rich and famous also without a high school diploma or a college degree.

So that was the jist of the topics for discussion…

So I’ll admit, when I first heard them reiterate what they had apparently originally stated and then heard them read the lady’s email response, I was siding with the email. I too don’t agree with encouraging the youth of today to dropout of high school and pursue life without much of an educational background. But then I listened in more to the callers calling in and I changed my initial reactions somewhat (or at least maybe I started to wake up…let’s face it…it was about 7:30 AM! HA!)

The more they seemed to “apologize” for how they had come off with their original statements, though in no way taking them back, Gene and Julie were about to clarify more of what they had apparently meant by what they had said. Apparently what they meant was that Peter Jennings should be viewed as an inspiration for those who don’t have any college education, or even more, those who didn’t complete high school. Peter Jennings’ life can encourage those who maybe couldn’t make school their “thing” to keep pursuing life and make themselves who they want to be whether they have a high school diploma to show along the way or not.

Now I’ll be honest, as most of you know, I value and respect an educational background highly! I think education is a GREAT thing; however, I don’t hold a lack of a “formal” education against anyone.

As one of the callers that voiced their opinion stated, it is possible that some people, maybe because of a learning disability or a handicap, they are not able to succeed in college. That is totally understandable. However, for me, the key point to what she said was that while she herself had a learning disability, she tried college and then found out it wasn’t for her. I think trying is important to remember. Even with the idea of financial obstacles, I can be the first to tell you, anyone can go to college that wants too. If you try for it, you can find financial support!

I think one of the biggest differences in Peter Jennings case and today is the fact that he was 67 years old when he died. When considering that it shows you that it’s been a LONG times since Mr. Jennings dropped out of high school. With this being said, it is apparent that things change, and if anything has changed from then to now, it is the importance of an education. Only a matter of years ago, women weren’t even thought to consider college. College was more of an upper-class thing to do. Having a college education wasn’t expected by employers for a lot of positions.

Look at financial stability back then. With the importance of family back then compared to today, being independently financially stable back then wasn’t as big of a deal. Families took care of one another. In today’s society, this is becoming a less and less common occurrence. We have begun to place so much importance and value on being independent (it goes along with the high divorce rate…you gotta be independent in some sort of manner, because you never know when you could be on your own!).

I really appreciated one lady who called in to the show. She was a woman apparently in her late 40’s who had three kids in their 20’s apparently and she said that while she didn’t agree totally with the email lady, she did side in that manner because she didn’t have a college education back in the 80’s when she began working, and it was okay then. She had a fine job. But then she just recently moved to Texas and was trying to find a new job and was having such a hard time because employers today, though more different from back in the 80’s, look heavily for a college degree. However, she wanted to point out that it wasn’t really about what the degree was in, as so much just that someone had one, because having a degree shows a sign of accomplishment and dedication. She mentioned that she agreed with the emailer in the sense that with her 3 kids in their 20’s and one of them already having dropped out of college and used their mom as an example to justify their actions, she said she doesn’t think it is right to encourage individuals to not pursue a college education.

While that was not Gene and Julie’s intent from their comments (“to encourage individuals to not pursue a college education”), I too would go along with the lady and say, I think it is important in today’s society especially to encourage a college education upon our youth. It sometimes seems to me that kids nowadays are turning away from school more and more. And yes, I know college isn’t for all, but I do think our society is growing closer and closer to the time when a job opportunity that doesn’t require a college education will not keep an individual above the poverty level.

Also, I do want to comment about the point the caller lady made about employers looking for a degree because of the idea of it representing an achievement from dedication. She mentioned, as I agree, that this doesn’t have to necessarily be from a college or a university, but a trade or technical school education also shows a dedication and achievement upon completion. I think in either case, it shows a person who is dedicated to their aspirations, their hopes, their dreams. It shows a person with a mission!

I appreciate a well educated person, but I also appreciate a hard-worker, and I know the first is not necessary for the second!

[End Note: I think it is interesting to see how everyone seems to defend stances based on their self. HA! Not that it is surprising at all, but it is interesting to see how all the people that called in and were all disappointed in the email person’s response were all people who admitted to having no college education, and then in my case, I have a college degree and am currently pursuing a masters, so it is apparent that I’d be all for a college education. It’s funny how we all just want justification for our ways of life, and are willing to defend them in such manners…HA! I suppose in a way, just because I want to justify my life, and you want to justify yours, is one really more right than the others?!?! HA! Just something to think about!]

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ACU35 said...

Some of the most sucessful people that I know never went to college or graduated for that matter. I have a great friend who still has yet to get a degree, but is working for one of the most prestigioius corporations in the world. Some of those in my family who are without a degree struck it rich doing other things (Oil, entreponeaurs, stocks-my older bro. is proof of this)....My mom always stressed the importance of a college educaton, but she also told me that you don't have to have a degree to do well in life, but the will to be sucessful. There is life on both sides of the red brick road.