Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Maybe I Wasn't as Ignorant Back Then as I Thought!

I’ll be the first to say we change without a doubt throughout our lifetime. Not only do we change, but we often will look back on times from our past and think things such as, “what was I thinking?!?!” or “did I really say that?!?!” or even, “I can’t believe I did that!” I’m as guilty as anyone else in this area. I’ve recently found myself reminiscing through some old emails and letters I’ve written in the past to friends. Many times I’ve found myself going, “Wow, if I’d only known back then what I know today!”….HA! But still there are some that I’ve read that I think, yeah, I’m glad I wrote that or said that.

Still, I came across an email from the past today that had a couple paragraphs in it that when I reread them I actually found myself saying, “Wow, I would have to totally agree with that still today.” I suppose sometimes we were did know what we were talking about in the past! ;)

Here are the couple paragraphs I had written to a friend back on November 29, 2002:

College is SO much different from high school. Probably the BEST part of college is the independence! For once you are on your own! No parents to answer to and explain to WHY you did what you did, or what you didn’t do. Of course, with so much independence comes a lot of responsibility. Basically, from this point on, IF your life becomes “screwed up,” it is YOUR fault and your parents can’t be the one’s to blame anymore.

It is funny though, teens think they know themselves and all in high school. They think they know what they want in life, and all about life in high school (I know I thought I did!). But being on your own actually forces you to see yourself better, and it is from a different perspective, and that person that you THOUGHT you were, isn’t the complete you because your view then was limited, because of the limitations placed with dependency. It is through true independence that one sees WHO they are, WHAT life REALLY has to offer, and HOW REAL the world really is! Don’t get me wrong, independence is one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had, but it is also the biggest learning experience I’ve had.

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