Monday, August 08, 2005

Monday's Picture Blog!

[Give this picture it's best caption! Either come up with a unique/fun caption for this picture or tell what you think is going on in the picture! Tomorrow I'll pick the best response! LEAVE A COMMENT (anyone can leave a comment, you don't have to have a blog)! I don't care if you're someone I don't know, someone I do know, or someone I'm not suppose to know that reads my blog all the time (secretly of course...HA!) Have fun!] Posted by Picasa


Katey said...

ACU Class of 2004's Golden Reunion- still trying to make up for that Sing Song loss Junior Year. 3 out of 4 does not pacify Kasey Wilson!

Anonymous said...

"Can you hear me now?!?!"

Anonymous said...

"DICTION! Come on! DICTION! Not only do I want to hear it, but I want to SEE it!!!"

Misty said...

Everyone had to gather round because they could hardly believe that Roy's dentures HAD in fact stayed put through biting into an apple! That new Polident sure is something!!!

Lindsay said...

Dock-ta Pep-pa, Dock-ta Pep-pa, Dock-ta Pep-pa!

Lindsay said...

MomMa maDe Me massH My M and MmM's, MomMa maDe Me massH my M and MmM's, MomMa maDe Me massH My M and MmM's!

Lindsay said...

A-Did you see that!?!
B-See what? I don't see it? Where is it?
A-It's right there!!!
B-Where!?! I don't see it!
A-Right there!
A-Right there!
B-Where? Oh, I think I see it!
C,D,E,F,G...See what?
A,B-That right there!
C etc.-Where?!?

Brandi Jo said...

[right before pic is taken]

Lady 1: "Oooh Oooh Look!! Bernie and Betty are having a staring contest!!!"

Lady 2: "Oooh, I got winner!!"

Lady 3: "NO, I do!!"

Lady 4: "Hey, I've been here all afternoon looking for some action!"

Betty: "oh, to hell with it...we'll all take him on!
Ready ladies...on the count of three we'll stare him down!!!"

[guy in background is praying for Bernie's life]

Brandi Jo said...

Welcome to "Remedial Kissing 101," I'll be your teacher for the day. Now, pucker up's time to show me what ya got!!

FeedingYourMind said...

VERY for all those of you that don't end up getting the "caption for the week" award, your justification is coming from the fact that my eye lids are over halfway covering my pupils right now (it's so bad I'm not even sure I spelled that word right...HA!)

Anyways...this week I think I'm going to have to go with JoJo's "Welcome to "Remedial Kissing 101," I'll be your teacher for the day. Now, pucker up's time to show me what ya got!!"


I think I liked that one so much because that will be 80 years old and still single and I'll sign up for ANY kissing class available just to enjoy the action! HA!'s late so I'm saying crazy things! I'm off to catch up on my rest....

Thanks everybody for your comments!

I'm out...